1. So far, they fall under two main categories (I may see it differently on another day)
    a. Reflecting how someone views themselves and the values behind their openness
    b. Reflecting their attitude towards
  2. The blogpost - which I forwarded to a bunch of people in multiple tweets, because I know if I just left it as an open call, very few people would respond!
  3. The exercise was meant in fun, in preparation for my upcoming UNIR webinar on Self as OER in an Egyptian context - so I'll take some of this and compare to my own context, I think, for that presentation.
  4. It's been REALLY insightful and thought-provoking in ways I had not really imagined when the idea came to me (it came to me while DMing with Suzan Koseoglu when I saw the announcement about the #OpenTuesdays webinar (May 9th at 3pm CEST/Cairo time - which is 9am EDT and 2pm BST)
  5. Some folks responded on my blog - so far, Robin DeRosa, Catherine Cronin, Rusul AlRubail, Vanessa Vaile, Simon Ensor (he also tweeted some). So check out the blogpost for their responses. Suzan captured and tweetd my response to my own question...
  6. Jim Groom's response was "un-OER". I kinda saw that one coming, knowing that some people (myself included) don't see OERs as a panacea...
  7. Joe Dillon said he would be a #clmooc OER
  8. Josie Fraser was really uncomfortable with the notion of "self as OER", which I thought was a bit funny because she invited me to keynote #OER17 like a few days after Suzan's and my post on Self as OER came out on Prof Hacker...
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