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How Atlanta Bail Bonds Work

Bail bonds agencies are really pushing to keep the practice alive in the states, especially in Atlanta, Georgia. While some people think there are risks, everyone is presumed innocent, right?


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  2. Normally when someone gets arrested, they are given the privilege to post bail. This practice is generally accepted as a way for someone to obtain legal counsel and gather evidence on behalf of their defense.
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  4. There are a few arguments surrounding Atlanta bail bonds and the practice of letting alleged criminals go free before they go to trial. You can view some of these arguments on this twitter feed.
  5. While there are some causes for concern, many people who support the act of bail bonding in Atlanta say that it saves tax payers considerable sums of money on an annual basis. With jails and prisons in a constant state of overpopulation, this argument seems to hold some ground with the powers that be.
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  7. Some even state that allowing a person to get a bondsman to oversee the process assures that the person will show up for court. With potential flight risks, there are worries from the public. However, there are even more worries from these Atlanta bonding agents overseeing the person's release. They will be held financially liable for that person if they don't show for trial.
  8. As soon as a person is booked in either the Atlanta city jail or one of the surrounding entities like Clayton County, they are eligible to post bail. May people don't have the money or resources on hand to get themselves out of jail. So, they must rely on friends or family. They get a phone call and they usually call the person closest to them. This person might not have the money either, so they call the person's family members and spread the word. One of these people then usually does a quick search for a bail bondsman agency. Here's more about how all of this works:
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