Updt 3: #IBelieveJulie: The Evolution of Rachel Held Evans' Response

Update 3: Rachel's website is down. Her tweet in support of a G.R.A.C.E. investigation (Update 2) has been deleted but is still available here. Update 1: "Why Christian?" transitions away from JoPa and Tony Jones. Rachel Held Evans' response to #IBelieveJulie continues to evolve. #WX15 #WhyTony


  1. Rachel Held Evans Mod

    I take abuse allegations very seriously, and if I had reason to believe Tony was an abuser I wouldn’t work with him on a conference. But my personal experience with and diligent investigation of this situation has given me good reason to doubt that this is the case. To debate it further, in this forum, would be unwise - legally and ethically - so I’m not going to comment on it again. I hope you understand.

    I too was accused of being part of this supposed massive coverup by EV. The thing is, I wasn’t even remotely connected to EV when Tony got divorced. I was fresh out of college, unpublished, still voting for Republicans and not at all engaged in the emerging church conversation! And yet I was accused of plotting against a woman I didn’t know with people I’d never met or even spoken with. So that raised some red flags to me about the veracity of the rest of it, which I investigated. I know it’s a lot to ask that you trust me…and there’s always the chance I’ve got something wrong…but I have looked into this carefully and I have good reasons to not add any more fuel to the fire. I also have good reason to continue with the event I’m planning with Nadia.

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  5. Rachel Held Evans
    "Perhaps the most effective silencing technique in Christian culture is telling those who challenge abusive or bullying behavior among church leaders that their objections are “gossip” and “slander” contributing to “disunity in the Church.”