Case Study & Highlights of #erlebeBulgarien

#erlebeBulgarien aims to promote Bulgaria as a tourist destination in Germany through Social Media - everyone is invited to join and share their experience.


  1. The Project

    At the beginning the aim was to produce an emotional video to promote Bulgaria in Germany. Steve Hänisch from and Havas Media Bulgaria used the chance to also implement a Social Media campaign with the Hashtag #erlebeBulgarien

    The project is funded by the European Commission "Operational Program for Regional Development" and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  2. Reach & Engagement (only Social Media!)

    To measure the success of the #erlebeBulgarien campaign all channels mentioned below have been analyzed weekly and absolutely for the timespan of 2 months (24.01.2014 – 24.03.2014). I focussed on the reach as an indicator for the audience that actually observed the content (views, plays) and on the engagement which stands for the interaction of readers with the content (e.g. likes, comments etc.).

    Twitter:  Reach 415.000 / Engagement 87.000
    Instagram: Reach 208.028 / Engagement 8.187
    Facebook:  Reach 95.705 / Engagement 10.046
    YouTube: Plays 8.304 / Engagement 147

    Total Reach: 727.037
    Total Engagement: 105.380
  3. Marketing Video

    The promotional video has been filmed and produced by Steve Hänisch with support of Havas Media Bulgaria. Within the first 7 days after publishing it got more than 25.000 views on Facebook and YouTube - the feedback has been overwhelming.
  4. Erlebe Bulgarien - viel zu entdecken, viel zu erzählen (offizielles Video #erlebeBulgarien)
  5. The Video has been promoted also on Facebook where people shared it and commented on it:
  6. sehr coole Idee und absolut sympathische Umsetzung :) Daumen hoch!
  7. = "great idea and sympathetic production :) Thumbs up!"
  8. = "Wow, very good job!"
  9. Super gemacht - toll mit die Gegensätze
  10. = "well done - I like the usage of the contrasts"
  11. Really nice job. Looking forward to working with you some stuff in the future. Keep up the good work.
  12. Hammer Video! cool bei 0:40 dabei zu sein!
  13. VERY nice! What a boring place... hahaha Why haven't I've been there yet? :(
  14. Kollegen,euer Video ist so zielmlich das beste BG-Reisevideo was in seit den 6 Jahren, in denen ich jetzt hier bin gesehen habe! Chapeu!
  15. = "I have to admit that your Bulgaria Travel Video is by far the best I've seen since I moved here 6 years ago! Chapeu!"
  16. I LOVE it!! You rock Steve, a total artist! I'm looking for flights can't wait to visit!
  17. Strahotna vizitka za Bulgarien.Bravo.