Babson Food Days 2013

Hosted by Food Sol at Babson College, Babson Food Days (October 23-24, 2013) celebrated food Entrepreneurship of All Kinds™ with Entrepreneurs in Residence Andrew Zimmern and Gail Simmons and an assembly of food innovators and leaders.

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  1. Learn more about Food Sol and Babson Food Days.
  2. In one week, Babson College, The Lewis ...
  3. First Course  

    Community Table on careers in food with Babson alumni Sara Gragnolati M'10 (Cocomama), Amy Levine M'01 (Cabot Creamery), and Shian-Shian Iodice M'12 (Hannaford) and Babson Entrepreneur in Residence Gail Simmons. With 82 people in attendance, this was our largest Community Table event ever!
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  5. Second Course  

    Screening of A Place at the Table with Entrepreneur in Residence Gail Simmons, followed by a lively panel discussion with food policy experts and community organizing entrepreneurs Michael Jacobson, Michel Nischan, and Karen Spiller
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  7. Third Course   

    On the morning of our second Food Day, we woke to the amazing smells of Gail Simmons cooking!  Beside her on the line was Babson's executive chef Bill Bailey, who also led the charge on the Market of Great Food and Ideas (Fifth Course ... but let's not get ahead of ourselves).

    Early-bird students tasted the results and learned how to make Gail's mother's famous latkes. Simply delicious!
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  9. Babson Food Days continued this morning with a ...
  10. Fourth Course  

    Community Table on the intersection of food policy and entrepreneurship with Babson Entrepreneurs in Residence Andrew Zimmern and Gail Simmons and Food Day founder Michael Jacobson. 
  11. Fifth Course (and the showstopper! 

    The Market of Great Food and Ideas was a collaborative labor of love by Babson Sustainability and their zero-waste warriors, Babson Dining (led by Stan Park, Sarah Bedore, and Chef Bill Bailey), and Food Sol. Over 30 exhibitors and vendors showcased their businesses and food creations.  The weather, colors, tastes, and energy could not have been better. 
  12. Great @FoodDay2013 event at #Babson w/ entrepreneurs-in-residence Gail Simmons and Andrew Zimmern! #BabsonFood
  13. Thur was Food Day and an excellent time at Babson. Andrew and Gail of course indulged in the… 
  14. Gail and Andrew w/ Red Tomato Market of Great Food + Ideas #babsonfood
  15. Andrew and Gail told the story of how each of them came to be Entrepreneurs in Residence at Babson.
  16. @babson Entrepreneurs in Residence Andrew Zimmern and Gail Simmons at the Market of Great + Ideas #babsonfood