Tweets of the Week, Vol. 3

A selection of celebrity Twitter highlights from the last week about seasonal happenings. The fall-out from Halloween, fireworks and bonfires may all feature.


  1. 1. Tennis star Berdych embraced the Halloween spirit by bringing a bit of light to the dark:
  2. 2. George Takei got more than he bargained for after Halloween:
  3. 3. Former British runner plays with fire:
  4. 4. Anyone sense the sarcasm in Grimmy's tweet?
  5. 5. Chris Moyles' mate is enthralled by BBC flagship's fireworks coverage:
  6. 6. American actress Mindy Kaling expecting to be swarmed with gifts for Diwali
  7. 7. Comedian Sarah Millican embracing winter to the full...or maybe this is her usual routine:
  8. And finally we couldn't leave Katie Hopkins out, but this time she isn't stoking the fire...