'Women vastly underrepresented in films'

The first day of the MeCCSA 2014 Conference at Bournemouth University brought together a panel of four speakers on women and films, discussing the presence, role and portrayal of women in movies. Storified by Rachitaa Gupta.


  1. Cobb's studies showed the representation of women in different facets of films. She also compared the representation of women in UK against the ACCR data that deals primarily with US box office films.
  2. Her findings:
  3. She also raised some important questions when it comes to feminist analysis of films.
  4. With some fascinating facts on comparitive study between the "white women and women of colour in film industry" Cobb ended her talk on this note:
  5. After her much appreciated talk, Kirsten MacLeod took the stage to talk about older working class women and films. Right off bat, she started with an interesting quote.
  6. She went on to share her work on the documentary she is producing with older women and the techniques she employed. She shared a part of her movie to introduce an important woman, central to her research and work. Marrion, the women in the film, shred snippets of her life as a campaigning women.
  7. MacLeod shared the technique of participatory approach to her documentary production.
  8. MacLeod ended with the effect of participatory technique on the women she was telling stories about.
  9. She was followed by Christa van Raalte, whose topic was about an interesting test called Bechdel test to test female presence in fictional media. She discussed how Elysium failed this test and why it is worrisome.