Opening Plenary of MeCCSA 2014

Tweets and more from the opening plenary of the MeCCSA 2014 conference at Bournemouth University. Panellists discussed 'Media and cultural studies -- where are we now?' Storified by Rachitaa Gupta.


  1. MeCCSA 2014 started with a brief introduction by the Conference Chair Professor Hugh Chignell. He is the Director of the Centre for Broadcasting History at Bournemouth University. He was followed by Tim McIntyre-Bhatty, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of BU.
  2. His opening address was followed by an introduction to Plenary one by Chair Stephen Jukes, Dean of the Media School at Bournemouth University. He welcomes the first speaker of the day Sonia Livingstone.
  3. Livingstone discussed the multi-disciplinary aspect of media studies in her talk.
  4. Livingstone's talk was highly appreciated by the audience and prompted number of questions in the Q&A round. A question by a member of the audience sparked a healthy debate between the panelists and the audience.
  5. Roberta Pearson fielded the question, with inputs from the other two panelists.
  6. Livingstone ended the discussion with this quote. Her talk was followed by Suzanne Franks.
  7. Suzanne Frank starts with a very interesting point and the importance of having an all women panel that is not discussing on women issues.
  8. Her talk is highlighted by various key points that drew various tweets and retweets.
  9. Suzanne then passed on the mike to Roberta Pearson who introduced her talk as : 
  10. She talked about global popular cultural phenomenon using Sherlock Holmes as her case study.