NCTJ Journalism Skills Conference: Welcome Speech and Keynote


  1. The keynote address at the sixth annual NCTJ Journalism Skills Conference was made today by the head of Sky News, John Riley. Here is a selection of our coverage of Riley’s speech, which was delivered at the Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth University, on 27 November 2013.
  2. John Ryley takes to the podium to deliver his keynote address:
  3. He goes on to say "we live in a more fractured world of news".
    Below, Peter Bale tweets Ryley's view that on-demand news in modern technology is the future of Journalism.
  4. Nice little mention to us student folk!
  5. Meanwhile...
  6. Following on from his views of technology, he explains that "all the technology in the world counts for nothing without the essential element of journalism"; an implication that fundamentally, journalists need to have the skills of inquisitiveness and assertiveness to really utilise those tehcnologies.
  7. Meanwhile, from the back of the room, @benfisherj continues to live blog to 
  8. Nathaniel Hobby, Sue Campbell and Peter Bale have their say: