'It is a myth that BBC is left wing'

The gas, power and protest panel on Day 2 of the 2014 MeCCSA conference explored different issues that have been underreported in the mainstream media. Storified by Rachitaa Gupta.


  1. The panel was chaired by John Downey and the first talk was given by Anna Feigenbaum, who talked on 'Mediating Tear Gas'. She began with some interesting facts about tear gas.

  2. She focused her research on how mainstream media's images on tear gas and its uses differ from B2B marketing material that companies use to sell them at trade fairs and expos. 
  3. According to Anna, it is the social media that is tackling the issue of exposing the public to tear gas and its use.
  4. Anna said that tear gas is something that has not been explored much, academically or by media. Her talk was followed by Gary Merrill's talk on how media covers financial news, its relation with politics with the help of media's coverage of Seattle protest during the financial crisis. 
  5. Gary described the the different media organisations and their views on the protest.
  6. Gary in his research showed how BBC displayed a different ideology during the reporting of the protests.
  7. His talk was then followed by Victoria Walden's talk about films on holocaust.
  8. David Mcqueen then gave a talk on the protests against the Corrib gas fields and the lack of reportage in mainstream media.
  9. One of his examples about the Shell to Sea protest techniques was the film 'Those who Dance.'
  10. Another popular protest technique to make up for absent mainstream media reporting on the issue was the social media policy of the group.