1. In this #BigDataMgmt Twitter chat, experts discussed methods for determining what data to store, how and for how long. They also examined issues around data security and corporate risk mitigation. BTRG's IG Practice Director and IBM Champion, Mike Martin, was a featured guest for the chat.
  2. Question #1: What is the typical life cycle of big data? Is there even such a thing?
  3. Question #2: Some people say "Store everything forever. You don't know when you might need it." Is this wise? Why or why not?
  4. Question #3: What are recommendations for determining which data to store and for how long? 
  5. Question #4: Is there a best practice of where data should go?
  6. Question #5: Are people moving data out of Hadoop and, if so, how? 
  7. Question #6: How can organizations be more agile with test data so they can roll out new functionality faster and more securely? 
  8. Question #7: How do you mitigate risk, while at the same time allowing for insights to be drawn from big data repositories? 
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