Oil in the Niger Delta

A non-biased case study of the Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of oil extraction in the Niger Delta. Focussing on Shell and the Ogoni people. Relevant for - IB patterns in resource consumption & AS The Energy Issue


  1. Location
  2. Background to Shell and the Ogoni people in the Niger Delta
  3. Shell companies in Nigeria: Over 50 years of operations
  4. Socio-Economic Impacts
  5. Curse of the Black Gold - Trailer
  6. Shell film about illegal oil refining in the Niger Delta
  7. Shell companies in Nigeria: oil theft and spills
  8. Environmental Impacts
  9. Environmental contamination of Ogoniland by Shell-INfocus-02-29-2012
  10. Shell's delayed clean up of the Niger Delta
  11. -
  12. Shell Pipeline Oil Spill In Niger Delta Valley TWICE The Size Of BP Gulf Spill Catastrophe
  13. Geopolitical Impacts