'Send Sheldon Jeter to PSU' Campaign Day

As Jeter announced he was heading to PSU for his last official visit, PSU fans and future hoopers alike took to the streets of twitter to commit numerous minor secondary violations. Oops, I mean to encourage Sheldon to commit to Coach Chambers and Penn State.


  1. So yeah, apparently Sheldon is planning to stay for more than just a day like his father originally claimed. You're allowed 48 hours on an official visit, so he'll have to be gone by Saturday morning if he wants PSU to pick up the tab. Either way, an extended stay at PSU with the team can only help PSU's chances.
  2. 2013 commit Brandon Austin spent the day yesterday in Happy Valley and shared a picture with his mom at the Lion Shrine. He soon stopped playing around and started the 'Bring Jeter to Penn State' movement. His tweet seemed to start an onslaught of PSU-Jeter mentions throughout the afternoon.
  3. Look who came through from the other side of the pond to offer some support for the hoops program.
  4. Oh, and today happened to be Brandon Austin's birthday. We'll skip most of the bday shoutouts, but DJ Newbill checked in to show some love to his North Philly brother:
  5. Akosa all the way up in Boston didn't hesitate to jump on board with the campaign.
  6. This was awesome and arguably the highlight of the day, regardless of the violation. It's not like the NCAA is going to do anything. Notice this is the only one Sheldon retweeted.
  7. At this point, there was just one remaining commitment who was absent to the movement, but he was not going to be left behind. 
  8. Ignoring the silly fact that this harmless fun is actually an NCAA violation, this was a pretty awesome display of how committed these recruits are to Chambers and the program. What's even better is how Jeter knows most of them. Obviously him and Geno have a good friendship, while Jeter connected with Brandon Austin at the PIAA championship. Also, Sheldon and Isaiah Washington were on a visit together back in early January for the Indiana game. Now if Sheldon were to go elsewhere, obviously that's going to be a huge disappointment. However, you can't help but feel that Chambers has the ball rolling and it's not going to stop. It's just a matter of who will join in. If not Jeter, it'll be someone else. Brighter days are ahead for this program.