March Membership Meeting with Meteorologist Josh Eachus

WBRZ's Josh Eachus spoke to BRSocMe in March about how he and other meteorologists use social media to keep their audiences informed.


  1. Josh Eachus (@Josh_Eachus) joined us to talk about a VERY timely topic -- the weather! Having just come off of severe weatherin our area and flooding in other parts of the state, our membership was interested in hearing about how social media affects the work that Josh does.
  2. Welcome back, Robin! We hope to see you next month!
  3. So we all took pictures of Josh standing in front of the podium. Because how else would you know that we went to a meeting?
  4. Algorithm is a huge topic for us social media types because Facebook (and now Twitter and Instagram) are forever messing with our newsfeeds.
  5. So WBRZ has decided to back and mark old warnings as "expired" -- that way if Facebook's algorithm pushes the old news to the top, people can see that is expired.
  6. Very valid points about social media fatigue -- people who use social media a lot may become worn out from it. This could mean that they're not paying as much attention to your message.
  7. We are all VERY concerned about social media fatigue. It haunts our nightmares now.
  8. Good point -- you have to know your audience.