The Must See Coverage from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

The following is a list of the must-see and must-know resources, videos and media articles about the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. What's emerged since 2013 is an intricate web of denials and coverups and a slew of victims seeking more than just compensation.


  1. Your core source for fact sheets and key dates for the Royal Commission. An essential source for victims and journalists following the commission. 
  2. The commission has expressed its commitment to fast-tracking testimony in times of emergency. One victim, Barry Wilson, doesn't have long to give his evidence. Six weeks ago he was told he was dying of liver cancer, now the Royal Commission has sent legal teams to his bedside to hear his story. 
  3. Cardinal George Pell appears before the Royal Commission. Admits, "I should have done more," when it comes to his role in the  'Ellis Defence.'
  4. In his second day fronting the Royal Commission, Pell publicly apologises to former alter boy and sexual abuse victim, John Ellis. 
  5. The 'Ellis Defence' has been the backbone for the Catholic church's defence against paying compensation to child sexual abuse victims. What exactly is it? 
  6. George Pell told the parents of two victims of a pedophile priest last week that he would make moves to remove the $75,000 compensation cap for victims of sexual abuse set up during the Melbourne Response. Anthony and Chrissie Foster spent the last 18 years campaigning for justice for their two eldest daughters who were abused by Father Kevin O'Donnell. 

    In a statement, Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart says: "We acknowledge that this is a new era... In light of the report of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry and the work of the Royal Commission, we are looking again at victims' needs and their views on how best to improve the compensation process." 
  7. He was one of Australia's most prolific child sexual abusers and his victims feel he was protected by the church for decades. Imprisoned since 1994, serial pedophile, Gerard Francis Ridsdale, will most likely die in prison after facing sentencing on the final round of charges this week. 
  8. Journalist David Marr on his Quarterly Essay "The Prince."
  9. Quarterly Essay: David Marr on George Pell