Recent Appointees in Materials Science (2016)

A brief recap of the RAMS2016 conference held in Lancaster (23-24 Sept 2016). Lots of tweets were collated under #RAMS2016 tag - here are a few curated to give you a flavour of events.


  1. A group of 80 or so folk met up in Lancaster for the 6th "Recent Appointees in Materials Science" conference. This was kindly run by the local team at Lancaster University.
  2. Day 0 kicked off with a tour of Lancaster Castle, as it's a working court house photos were sadly forbidden. Our tour guide was awesome, and we learnt quite a lot of the morbid history of times past. Certainly a fun ice-breaker (though this does mean that the next RAMS might have to involve a castle in some shape or form!).
  3. After the castle we ended up in a bar on campus - breaking the ice and meeting up with old and new friends.
  4. The trouble with catching up with old friends is that sometimes they remember what you like to drink, oh well.
  5. Lancaster University was a great place to host it - not only for the lovely folk, but also it is surrounded by some lovely countryside, and I exploited this for a few wee jogs (this is entirely unrelated to the whiskey, of course).
  6. Events kicked off promptly with John Griffin explaining the house rules. One of the interesting things about this meeting is that all the contributed speakers are recent appointees who give a brief glimpse into their careers so far (warts and all), as well as a flavour of their shiny research and future vision. This is a difficult pitch, as while we are all material scientists, it's a broad audience.
  7. Lancaster University have recently launched the Materials Science Institute - so it was great to have an introduction by Prof Rob Short to give us a flavour of exciting things to come!
  8. There were quite a few tweeps in the audience...
  9. Watching colleagues present on a range of topics gave us a vision of the breadth of our discipline.
  10. This range of talks, also gave us the chance to see a range of presentation styles - there were some neat 'tricks' to keep us on the edge of our seats.