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Social Impact Days, Tbilisi, Georgia

15-18 Oct 2015


  1. The Empowering City: Social Innovations for Sustainable City Development

  2. The Social Impact Days look at social innovation from the cities’ point of view and seek to foster their sustainable development by rethinking urbanity in a holistic way, ranging from urban livability to participatory citizenship. The event is held in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation, the IDeA Foundation and MitOst.
  3. Anika Büchele and Armin Pialek from the BMW Foundation Team and our partner MitOst are already excited to welcome the first participants to this year's Social Impact Days in Tbilisi!
  4. Zoya Lukyanova, our network partner, is looking forward to the upcoming days!
  5. In many ways, the Social Impact Days 2014 have set the foundation for 2015. As a warm-up you can check out below the case studies of participating countries presented last year.
  6. Day 1

  7. As keynote speaker, Riccardo Marini will share his perspective on the modern cities and urban communities with respect to social innovation for sustainable urban development and provide some insights into the existing approaches to face the challenges of change in the cities and towns around the globe.
  8. See Riccardo Marini's TedX-Talk from Maastricht, where he presents his idea of a "Happy City" - rather than a smart city.
  9. Why smart – what about happy? | Riccardo Marini | TEDxMaastrichtSalon
  10. Social Impact Days 2015
    Social Impact Days 2015
  11. The dinner speaker, Vice Mayor of Tbilsi, Nina Khatiskatsi, shared the plan of the Georgian capital to become a sustainable city and what challenges are in the way.
  12. Social Impact Days 2015
    Social Impact Days 2015