3rd Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit

Co-creating the League of Intrapreneurs 2.0


  1. This Saturday: Three questions to unlock human potential in every organization

  2. 3rd Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit
    3rd Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit
  3. For three years, the League of Intrapreneurs has aimed to catalyze the social intrapreneurship movement globally. So far, it has raised awareness for the topic and built communities of practice. At the last summit one year ago, a shared vision emerged: to create a better world by unlocking human potential in every organization. A high-flying ambition symbolized by high-flying hats:
  4. To deliver on this ambition, around 35 practitioners will come together this Saturday in San Francisco to explore some important questions:
    What is working now and how can we amplify these strategies?
    How can we organize ourselves to deliver the impact the world needs?
    How do we build a community that works for every member?
  5. If you want to dive deeper into the topic, read more about the summit on our website:

  6. By the way: the hashtags for the summit are #changefromwithin and #socintsummit. So, if you like to tweet, you know how to find us.

  7. The power of the people - in good hands

  8. No, we're not referring to certain recent elections. We’re looking forward to 35 great people at the summit. Two of them are coming from Korea and Australia, seven from South America and the major part from North America and Europe. 60% of them are women.
  9. 3rd Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit
    3rd Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit
  10. Their ideas will be in good hands: Our facilitator for the summit will be Michel Bachmann. Again: Nope, not the tea party politician, but an experienced social entrepreneur and facilitator. Michel co-founded the Impact HUB in Zurich and helped the global Impact HUB to develop its form as “partly a movement, partly a business, and partly a network”. We could not imagine any better facilitator for the summit. Read his insights here in SSIR:

  11. How to build a bridge

  12. On Saturday, the pre-program introduced us to the topic with a guided tour to the Golden Gate Bridge – including a pool of metaphors, that sounded familiar to many intrapreneurs.
  13. Metaphor One: Against all odds.

    When you lived in San Francisco around 1910 and you had relatives only one mile away across the bay, you had to drive about 40 miles to visit them. Today, with about 120,000 vehicles crossing it every day, it seems obvious that building a bridge there was a good idea. Not at the time. The leading engineers of Stanford and Berkeley stated that it would impossible to build a bridge across an ocean due to the strong currents, the wind, and, above all, the meeting point of two continental plates. Moreover, when the plans were presented, the ferry companies in the bay filed lawsuits. It took eight years to get these legal barriers out of the way. Only to then discover that large funders during the great depression weren’t so keen to finance such a risky project anymore than they had been in the roaring twenties. But Strauss, the leading project manager, and his team managed to push their project through, and today it is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.
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  15. Metaphor Two: How to build a resilient system.

    The Golden Gate Bridge is in a delicate position. First, it is built on a spot where the tides of the whole bay area flow through a narrow space between two mountains, so you have huge water pressure. Second, the valley beyond the bay gets very hot and rises, so a lot of air is sucked through the gate and you have strong winds. Third, as the Pacific and North American continental plates touch in that area, there are about 30 (mostly very little) earthquakes a day. How can you build a bridge in such a spot? Make it flexible. The construction rests on rubber plates and hangs from steel wires, so the bridge can move – up to 27 feet or 9 metres to each side. Imagine 887.000 tons of steel moving up to 50 feet/18 metres and exactly because of that freedom to move, being stable. Counterintuitive? That’s how you manage complexity.
    See here what happens when you don’t respect the details:
  16. Full of images, thoughts, and some food from the Social Brewery, a scenic bus ride along the Pacific Coast on Highway 1 brought us to Asilomar. Let the summit begin!