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3rd Global Pro Bono Summit, Berlin

Representatives from 23 countries are convening for the 3rd Annual Global Pro Bono Summit in Berlin to address how to provide more high-quality, impactful pro bono service to organizations in need around the world.


  1. Summit participants include a network of Global Pro Bono Fellows (an international group of pro bono leaders developed in partnership by BMW Foundation and Taproot Foundation), government representatives, and leaders of multi-national corporations. The BMW Foundation and the Taproot Foundation have been co-hosting this annual Summit since 2013 in the United States and for the first time, are pleased to bring the Summit to Germany, and welcome Proboneo as the in-nation co-host. The Summit will be attended by representatives from 23 countries including Japan, Singapore, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Hungary, Canada, Germany and the United States.

  2. “The momentum really picked up from the last two Summits in San Francisco and New York," says Markus Hipp, Chief Executive Officer, BMW Foundation. "We’ve seen an explosion of interest from our international partners all over the world who believe in the power of pro bono—this year’s conference has grown by 40%. With the 3rd Global Pro Bono Summit being hosted in Berlin, we want to strengthen this movement through our Global Pro Bono Network and take it to the next level in terms of cross-sector collaboration, paying special attention to the public sector."
  3. “The idea of volunteering your time and talent to improve your community is catching on across the globe," says Liz Hamburg, President and CEO of the Taproot Foundation. "It’s so inspiring to see the incredible energy and enthusiasm our network of global pro bono leaders have. They come together to share their passion to use their countries’ professional expertise to make a tremendous impact on their country’s social issues.”

  4. THAT'S WHY:

  5. The nonprofit sector’s demand for professional consultancy services continues to be high, while the funds of many NGOs remain low. Without this talent and expertise, few foundations and non-profits are able to achieve their intended impact on critical issues like the environment, health and education. Pro bono services have proven to be one way out of this dilemma: Professionals donate their services and expertise for the common good, which in Latin translates to 'pro bono'.

  6. "The experience is eye-opening and even life-changing for some. We have many cases of a professional doing pro bono service for an organization and winding up on its Board of Directors." Liz Hamburg, President and CEO of the Taproot Foundation, explains pro bono and the global movement:

  7. 1. Proboneo, as the driver of the national pro bono movement in Germany, will develop and facilitate the corporate track of the Summit. Business leaders from global companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, SAP, UniCredit Bank and LinkedIn for Good will share their experiences and success stories with pro bono programs and learn about the international market. Read our interview with Alexandra van der Ploeg, who is in charge of the various pro bono programs of SAP’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility division.
  8. 2. In addition, the intermediary track brings together international matchmakers to define major barriers to pro bono in their country and begin thinking about solutions to extend this movement and build a pro bono marketplace.

    3. In order to bring the opportunities and possibilities of pro bono to the attention of the German government, the Summit will also include a public track. The workshop entitled "The Public Sector, Corporations and Pro Bono Intermediaries" targets especially representatives from the public sector.