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1st Mediterranean Young Leaders Forum

Driving Innovation from Within- How complex organizations can take a proactive approach to today’s challenges and create social impact.


  1. 1st Mediterranean Young Leaders Forum
    1st Mediterranean Young Leaders Forum
  2. The turbulent times we live in demand for new concepts of “heroes”. But how can those complex organizational structures that many of us work within create a fertile ground for such great deeds?  The 1st Mediterranean Young Leadership Forum starting on Friday 9th May strives to look deeper into the matter of “intrapreneurs”. Right now, around 40 high-profile leaders between the age of 30 and 45 from the Mediterranean region head to Istanbul to exchange their ideas on how to promote the new drivers of innovation and economic and social change.

  3. In an atmosphere of collaboration, participants, speakers and partners of the Forum will have the opportunity to connect on a personal and professional level, to network, and to learn from and with one another. The young leaders will meet renowned experts, get to know best case practices and tools and visit some of Turkey’s most innovative companies and organizations. After the Forum, the participants and speakers will become part of the BMW Foundation’s growing Responsible Leaders Network.

    The event kicked off with a welcome reception at Hotel Adahan and sightseeing in the Turkish capital.

  4. With some of the @BMWfoundation #IYLF14 team exploring #Istanbul
    With some of the @BMWfoundation #IYLF14 team exploring #Istanbul
  5. Matthias Scheffelmeier, Country Director of Ashoka Turkey, at the Welcome Dinner:
  6. The event itself aims at more sustainability! The Adahan Hotel hosting our participants commits itself to strict ecological criteria: Sun collectors on the roofs help to obtain hot water for the rooms, heating and cooling work with a system of heat pumps, application of traditional materials provide a better humidity control, etc..
  7. Conference Day 1
    May 9

    The first day started with panel discussions that focused on governments and public institutions as potential new key players for social innovations. The participants heard, amongst others, an inspiring talk by Josep Maria Miró i Pascual, Director of Social Innovation Projects in Barcelona. 

  8. Miró i Pascual: „Our goal is to go to the city council and change the city from within“. It is crucial to understand the “social return of investment”: „Whatever has been spent in the social sector is not money spent but money invested!”
  9. In the same panel, Gülseren Onanç of the Social Democratic Party in Turkey talked about the imperative of social innovation in order to improve the situation of women in Turkey and the achievements female social entrepreneurs have made in empowering women.
  10. Creating a “Social” Business –How large corporations cancombine businesssuccess with social impact: In Panel II, Jean-Pierre Honein of Hilti, Dubai, talked about his experience with social change and how the CEOs of his company were struggling to get their 2020-Strategy across to the employees - until they ultimately got onto the plane to meet their employees locally and directly evoke a sense of urgency for change.
  11. Jean-Pierre Honein, Hilti:"If the vision is set but there is no urgency, there won’t be success, but if there is a vision AND the essence of urgency things will move on!"