1. Texans traveled from all over the state to attend the Summit. Here are some attendees from El Paso on their way to Austin!
  2. As soon as the day began, Battleground Texas staff members were ready to greet attendees at the Austin IBEW.
  3. Almost everyone who attended was both brand-new to Battleground Texas and had never attended a statewide training like this before. It was our goal for the training to bring in new participants, so we're very proud that it happened!
  4. It was great to see both new faces and familiar ones — here's Political Director Oscar and longtime Volunteer Leader Saundra in their matching "Love is Love, Y'all" tees.
  5. After a breakfast of coffee and tacos for all of the attendees, the day started off with a welcome presentation by Political Director Oscar Silva and Managing Director Beth Kloser. Beth spoke about Battleground Texas' past successes and plans for 2017.
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  7. Participants engaged in an icebreaker to get to know one another better. They wrote fun facts about themselves on pieces of paper and threw them at each other, then participants were invited to come up to the mic and share their fun facts.
  8. The first training session was on the Neighborhood Team Model — the tested and effective organizing model that Battleground Texas uses. Dallas Regional Coordinator Terry led the session.
  9. The next training session was led by San Antonio Regional Coordinator Kristian. She trained participants on how to utilize a Hard Ask to register voters and recruit volunteers.
  10. In a breakout session, participants practiced making a Hard Ask with a partner.
  11. Political Director Oscar then trained participants on telling their personal stories to connect with others on shared values.
  12. After practicing telling their personal story to a partner, participants volunteered to get up on stage and share their personal stories with the group. Nick got up on stage and shared what it was like for him growing up in El Paso and the misconceptions that people can have about living on the U.S.-Mexico border.
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