Vertical gardens on the come up, making housing and food affordable, efficient and accessible.

Many communities in New York City recognize that residents living in low-income housing are receiving the metaphorical "short end of the stick" and decided to take action to combat the major issues that members of these communities face - access to affordable housing and nutritious food.


  1. Elmslie Osler Architect PC or EOA is an architecture firm located in New York City. EOA has a project entitled "Grow Studio", which seeks to use their expertise in architecture to develop housing that is affordable and has an ease of access to food sources.
  2. The "Via Verde" (Spanish for the Green Way) is an affordable housing complex in NYC's South Bronx neighborhood. In this video, members of the community learn methods and measures of gardening and planting.
  3. " Via Verde " Bronx Rooftop Garden Club #1 2013
  4. The emergence of rooftop gardens brings forth an attitude of urban agriculture and sustainability.
  5. For more information about affordable housing and urban agriculture check out the following sites: EOA, Via Verde and NYHP.