Opportunity Knocks - The competitive advantage of co-operatives and mutuals

2016 BCCM Taste of Australia Industry Dinner and Leaders' Summit, 8-9 November Old Parliament House, Canberra


  1. "This is a vibrant business structure with immense relevance in Australia today. It gives the greatest power to the weakest players, and that is one of the things we like about it." - The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, Deputy Prime Minister

  2. As always, the food was the star of the night!

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  3. "Co-operatives are a bridge over the traditional divide between labour and capital" - Senator the Hon Arthur Sinodinos AO

  4. 2016 National Mutual Economy Report: Top 100 CMEs record 4% year-on-year growth. With thanks to report partner Bank Australia

  5. Eliza's Project: Advancing gender equality in the CME sector

  6. "I believe the future of our new economy, our new age is one that is open, connected and collaborative." - Robert Keogh, CEO, Beyond Bank Australia

  7. A Mutual Future - CMEs investing in nation-building infrastructure

  8. Supporting our CMEs - Fintech and innovation

    CMEs have two clear advantages when it comes to innovation: their smaller and nimble size and close relationship with members.

  9. Tackling Australia's Demographic Challenges with a Human-Centered Approach

    CMEs offer a model of intergenerational stewardship for tackling our demographic and human service challenges.

  10. Inspiring and engaging members

    It is crucial to stay aligned with your members' core needs and responsive to their requirements to maintain strong levels of member engagement across the business.

  11. Practical Case Study: Visit to National Health Co-op's Higgins clinic