Police committee showdown over officer's actions, traffic stops, racial disparities

Sharp, public criticism of an Asheville Police Department officer's actions and over-policing. An analysis of the APD's traffic stops reveals disparities — and an attorney and local activists propose reforms


  1. A note: so much happened at this meeting that it was a genuine challenge to cover live. While live Twitter coverage is incredibly useful, during meetings like this that had many public comments, occasionally a journalist doesn't catch a name or remark. For additional context, please watch the recording of the meeting below. — David Forbes
  2. 02/01/2017: Asheville Citizens Police Advisory Committee
  3. This part of the audio isn't easy to hear in the video as Hooper's talking while it's playing, so it's worth a bit more info. After one of the people that the officers are detaining notes that the officer had an AR-15 and another asks to call his mother and notes that "we're just little kids, you've got a gun." At that point an officer says "would you like us to hook you up, take you all to jail?" The video ends as the people recording it express surprise at the statement.
  4. Additional context: Courtland Avenue is over a mile from Klondyke Apartments, on the other end of Montford Avenue.
  5. For context, here are links to Mance's powerpoint of his presentation, video of his initial presentation on the stop data and the document he prepared for CPAC. This is provided by the local NAACP and Code for Asheville.
  6. Asheville NAACP Lunch and Learn with Ian Mance 01/24/2017
  7. Also, here's the CPAC document prepared by Mance laying out findings and recommendations.