Unsigned Band Network Australia Open to Submissions

Booking shows and need unsigned Australian bands? The Unsigned Network Australia has now officially opened it's flood gates and is a FREE platform for bands to have their profile listed in a public area.


  1. Being an unsigned band is never easy. Balancing your work and personal life with trying to play as much as possible can be extremely challenging at times. Fortunately, now there’s help. Whether you just want to get in a few more gigs a month or you want a record contract as soon as possible, the Unsigned Band Network can help you take a big step closer to your goals. No matter where your ambitions lie, your band is going to need exposure to get there. Finally, there’s a better way of getting it than what’s been tried in the past.

  2. One Big Database

    Our goal at the network is to put together a database that solely features unsigned bands. In the very near future, we expect to be a “go to” place for anyone who needs a band: record labels, promoters, event coordinators, managers, etc. Even the general public can sign in and try to find the next great band before they blow up.

    No Limitations on Genre

    Australia is home to a wide array of music, so we have no intention of limiting ourselves. This website will be as open to death metal bands as it is to pop acts. In the end, this will only mean more exposure for everyone anyway.

    We Are Not the Media

    We’re also not going to over-encumber the site with press releases, interviews and other unnecessary features. Our goal is to feature acts that want to take their band to the next level and just need some more exposure. Trust us, there will be plenty on the site for people to go by and we give ample space for including links to your website, YouTube channel, Twitter account, etc.

    Send In Submissions Now

    The good news is that we are currently accepting submissions to the Unsigned Band Network. So if you are in or know of any Unsigned Australian Bands that could use a little help getting some more attention, please submit your information to us today.
  3. Just check out the “Submit Your Band” link at the top of our website. It takes some basic information (e.g. band name, location, contact email, picture, etc.) and not much else. Once our website is running on all cylinders, you’ll have a page on the biggest Australian site for unsigned talent without any connections to corporate social media or other tired options.

    So get in touch with us today and let us help you make it big.