Solon and I @ QGCon 2015

TW for some self-destructive drinking.


  1. Solon and I left at at midnight on Friday at midnight (so Thursday night or Friday morning depending on how you feel about it). We didn't post up much during the night as we drove, we mostly worked on my talk (I had barely begun drafting it when we started driving.) We did take this very nice selfie when we got into California though:
  2. Along the way, we realized the terrible choice we had made:
  3. We showed up in Berkley way early for the conference, so we did a tiny bit of sight seeing. There weren't many sights to see, but I did remember one of serious importance.
  4. We went to 924 Gilman Street. Located there is a music venue mostly known by it's street address. A number of bands played there, but to me, it's mostly important as the local venue which first hosted Green Day, even back in the days when they were known as Sweet Children. Green Day was, growing up, my favorite band, and they remain my favorite band performing anything that isn't metal. The band was banned from performing at the venue when they signed to a major label heading into the recording of Dookie, the album that made them famous, though they have, numerous times, played the venue again, most notably as their alter-ego band Pinhead Gunpowder.

    Frankly, that they were ever banned from the venue is mainly a reflection of the absolutely childish politics of punk scenes in the US. I like a lot of punk bands, but punk scenes are pretty universally insufferable from the word "go." That's kinda what happens when you organize a musical genre around "rebellion" whose pioneering band's primary objective was to cut 50's pop singles and get rich who simply failed to do so.

    Anyway, there was a speaker's dinner that night that I attended. It was a good time, but I didn't end up taking any pictures.
  5. After the Speaker's dinner, Solon and I were informed that there was a great cocktail bar nearby called the East Bay Spice Company I believe. Got my first ever whiskey sour, I'd now call it a drink of choice. This is a notably classy improvement over "Two shots of fireball inside of an Apple Cider." That Sour may look like it's hitting me harder than it actually is. You wanna see me getting busted by alcohol? Stick around.
  6. This was taken the morning of the first day of the conference, right before the opening ceremonies. Yes, I wore a tank top. Yes I'm doing the DX Crotch Chop. Two seats to my right is Clarris Cyarron, a good friend and peer, sitting next to Richard LeMarchand, who I had never heard before. If you don't know who Richard LeMarchand is, I cannot introduce him. Meeting him was an overwheliming, positive experience for me, as his games were each hallmarks of my growing up that shaped and continue to shape my critical approach towards videogames. I'd now consider him a good friend as well, something I'm deeply honored to say.