On the Language in "Ludology Meets Narratology"


  1. A big issue in the language if games criticism is that narrative-focused games like a JRPG or The Last of Us is that the "story" within the game and the mecahnics involved in the gamer's interaction with the medium are viewed as two wholly separate categories, two "whole" things contained within the game rather than pieces of a larger "whole" to be understood in synthesis. This is part of what gave rise to the idea of "ludonarrative dissonance" and also part of why LND is becoming increasingly viewed as dysfunctional.

    There are a number of factors playing into this, but in a series of tweets from February 2nd, 2015, I point out that one could easily attribute a significant portion of this dichotomous langauge and frameworks used to describe videogames right to Ganzalo Frasca's 1999 essay "Ludology Meets Narratology," one of the foundational documents of modern games studies.