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No one wants to be sick, but everyone should be allowed to be

Check out our snapshot of this past month in the #15andFairness campaign, and see how workers across Ontario are organizing to ensure everyone has access to paid sick leave when they need it.


  1. The challenge we face

  2. We all get sick, even if we don't want to admit it. Thanks to healthcare workers we also know that the best thing to do when we're sick is to stay home, get better, and keep others from getting sick too.
  3. The problem is that millions of Ontario workers don't have access to paid or unpaid sick leave. Staying home when they get sick might cost them wages and even their jobs.
  4. Healthcare workers tell us this situation is also a public health risk for everyone else.

  5. The action so far

  6. That's why Ontario's healthcare workers got together with community organizers across the province to advocate for paid sick days for all of us.
  7. They started the month with a press conference.
  8. This included collecting over 700 signatures - with more still being collected on an ongoing basis - from healthcare workers across the province.
  9. Next came a stirring video by workers who shared their own stories about how a lack of access to paid sick days has affected their job security and their health.
  10. It got shared...
  11. And then shared a lot more...
  12. The Action Canada team wrote a great piece in the Huffington Post about equal access to paid sick leave.
  13. Students got into the mix by collecting signatures on their campuses.
  14. Supporters were also encouraged to tweet their support of paid sick leave to Ontario's elected representatives...