"Scientists are Biased!"

James Gilbert wrote a nice piece for The Conversation about how claiming "scientists are biased!" can undermine political discussions of science-based policies. Some discussion followed... (Apologies for ambiguities of chronology here; it was a quick & many-stranded conversation.)


  1. (In what follows, I've annotated the discussion to highlight the proposed problems and solutions and made notes where it's unclear which statement is being responded to.)
  2. Rosemary gets us to the point...
  3. Solution: Teach the scientific method?
  4. Solution: Express that scientists are not a single advocacy group?
  5. Problem: Expressing scientific disagreement in a sensible way?
  6. Problem: Public sees too many conflicting reports about scientific results?
  7. Problem: Journalistic tendency to express everything in terms of emotions & politics?
  8. How do people not know the scientific method?