The Republican Candidates go Head to Head in the GOP Debate


  1. Many of the Republican candidates used the platform of the the GOP Debate-that took place Wednesday night-to assert themselves as viable candidates, amid Donald Trump's recent insults. Carly Fiorina showed herself as a clear frontrunner from the beginning as she introduced her presidential agenda.
  2. Trump made sure to remind those in attendance and watching from home of his millions in his opening remarks. He commended himself for funding his own campaign and bragged about the $5 million he rejected.
  3. Jake Tapper opened the debate with a heated question to Fiorina regarding how comfortable she would feel about Trumps finger on nuclear codes.
  4. As the night trudged on majority of the candidates seemed confident that Clinton would be the Democratic candidate they would have to go up against. They were also very vocal about their love for Reagan and his presidency.
  5. The night ended with the candidates saying which female they would place on the $10 bill, but many of them settled for family members rather that answering the question realistically.