Star Wars ABCs!

ABCs Star Wars geek style ;-)

  1. It all started with an accounting mixup at the office... turns out, people have a hard time differentiating between number 0 and letter O. Snooooozefest, right? Well, as usual, I had Star Wars on my mind, so I clarified "O as in Oscar" and had one very specific Oscar in mind...
  2. Which led to Karissa's brilliant idea...
  3. Which, naturally, led to a Twitter game: Star Wars ABCs! Okay, maybe not so naturally for people who aren't obsessed with Star Wars and addicted to Twitter (aka most people). But Karissa and I decided to run with it... Ladies and gents, I present you with Star Wars ABCs!
  4. Here we got mixed up and both tweeted H at the same time... but hey, if we're gonna double up, it might as well be on Harrison Ford/Han Solo. After all, who can object to more pics of Harrison/Han? :-D
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