Going After Gorka: Anatomy of a CAIR Character Assassination

Sebastian Gorka, a national security advisor to President Trump, is an honest broker on issues of political Islam, known as Islamism. That makes him lethal to supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, like CAIR, and other anti-Trump haters. Examine today's hit campaign on Gorka to follow the money.


  1. The "Bridge Initiative," a program of the Saudi-funded Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, based at Georgetown University, tried weeks ago to smear Sebastian Gorka, a critic of the political ideology of Islamism. Georgetown has not responded to a query by me to detail who funds the "Bridge Initiative." The university has a campus based in Doha, Qatar, whose ruling al Thani family supports the Muslim Brotherhood ideologically and financially and gives its leaders safe haven in Qatar, along with leaders of the Afghan Taliban. Pre-9/11, mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also found safe haven in Doha, escaping an FBI agent's arrest, warned by a Qatari government official.
  2. The meme of Gorka as a "NazI" is resurrected today.
  3. The allegations are based on an important "if-if" clause: "if" these Nazi allegations "are correct" and "if" Gorka didn't disclose "this" when he entered the U.S.
  4. @BuzzFeedBen, who published the anti-Trump #PissGate dossier at @BuzzFeed, calls the story an "amazing @JDForward scoop."
  5. The @BuzzFeed staff puts Gorka in its crosshairs. @TalalNAnsari is a staff member.
  6. CAIR-LA Executive Director, Hussam Ayloush, who famously called for Americans to chant the Egyptian protest against dictator Hosni Mubarak, repeated the smear. Linda Sarsour, cochair of the anti-Trump "Women's March" retweeted his Gorka tweet.
  7. @BuzzFeed & @TalalNAnsari promote a statement by @CAIRNational's Corey Saylor, director of a "Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia." CAIR has not responded to my request to detail who funds the "Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia."
  8. @GGreenwald, an editor at the @Intercept, chimes in with the idea the revelation is "very troubling." Greenwald has been a speaker at fundraisers for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is suing the Trump administation over travel restrictions executive order. It has supported the Muslim Brotherhood and its officials have run a campaign to call the Trump administration "Islamophobic."
  9. @ZaidJilani writes for the @Intercept and formerly wrote for @ThinkProgress, the propaganda arm of the Center for American Progress, founded by Democratic operative John Podesta, recent Hillary Clinton campaign chairman.
  10. And the meme takes off.
  11. @MobbieMoes is Mobashra Tazamal. Her bio at @WeAretheTemptest states that she "holds a Masters in Islamic Societies & Cultures from SOAS and works as a human rights activist. Her interests include unpacking anti-Muslim racism, discussing current events, and watching vegan cooking videos on Youtube."  https://thetempest.co/author/mobashra-tazamal/  She is also listed as a contributor at the @MiddleEastEye, known as an anti-Israel website, with the bio: "Mobashra Tazamal is a human rights activist, researcher on Islamophobia, and has an MA from SOAS, University of London."  http://www.middleeasteye.net/users/mobashra-tazamal 
  12. Now the question is: will the Muslim Brotherhood survive in America? Or will America survive the Muslim Brotherhood? Fortunately, on this attempted character assassination, @Liel at @TabletMag magazine publishes Gorka's clear refutation of any Nazi sympathies.