A Sense of Fun and Adventure Can Help You Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

  1. Most of us have heard the Cyndi Lauper song from the 80's called, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." The truth is, having a good time is not gender-related; we all want to have fun.

    So, what if we could make positive lifestyle changes and actually learn to enjoy the process? The fact is we can, and by unleashing our inner child, we will find it a lot easier to make lasting behavior changes.

    Volkswagen, yes the car company, has an initiative called, "The Fun Theory" that proves this point. Their campaign is centered around the idea that "something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people's behavior for the better."

    One of their experiments was to see if they could get more people to take the stairs over an escalator by making it a more enjoyable choice. Here's what happened:
  2. Piano stairs - TheFunTheory.com - Rolighetsteorin.se
  3. By choosing the fun method, people achieved the same results (getting to the next floor), but with a smile on their face. What's more, they got in extra physical activity.
  4. There are all types of different ways to enjoy the process of eating healthier and exercising. I loved this article because it's a great way to get your thought processing over to the bright-side of things:
  5. Make your own fun as you're doing what you need and want to do to get healthier. Don't let an opportunity slip by. Always look on the bright-side of everything good you're doing for yourself and your body.
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