Truffles Crouton


  1. To really taste the earthy and exquisite flavor of fresh truffles, prepare it as simple as possible using only a few ingredients such as in this gourmet cooking recipe by renowned chef Clement Bruno, which he serves in his famous restaurant Chez Bruno. Fresh shaved black truffles are served with crispy croutons and seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper in this very simple and elegant appetizer. Paired with a vigorous red wine from Bordeaux such as Listrac, truffle croutons is a marvelous and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

    In this recipe, croutons are made from day old or stale Baguette, which is a thin loaf French bread famed for its crisp crust. Croutons are a great way to use up stale loaf; they can be used a number of ways in the kitchen. Crunchy and tasty croutons can be used as garnish to salads and soups. They also make great stuffing for chicken and turkey, as well as thickeners for cooking stews and casseroles. Ground them and make breadcrumbs for coating or beading meats and fish. Sprinkle salt and grated cheese or chopped aromatic herbs over croutons and you have an instant delicious and simple snack.

    You don’t necessarily need to use baguette to make croutons, but it is particularly delicious when combined with truffles because of its distinctive flavor and characteristic texture. One way to get neat slices to make perfect croutons is to freeze the bread and thaw it a bit just enough for a sharp non-serrated knife to cut through it. Most croutons are sliced into cubes but in this recipe, they are sliced into thin slanted rounds to make “French croutons,” similar to the Italian crostinis, which means, “little toasts.” Truffles crouton also make excellent hors d’oeuvres or canapés for fancy cocktail parties.


    1 baguette
    coarse Guerande salt
    olive oil
    0.4 lbs. black truffles

    Preparation Instructions

    1. Cut the baguette into round, slightly slanted slices. Toast in the oven on one side only. Now you have the so-called “French croutons,” or toasted, crusty bread.

    2. Cut the truffles into very thin, round slices.

    3. Place two croutons per person on each serving dish. Pour a drop of olive oil over them.

    4. Take a small truffle slice and lay it on each crouton. Pour another drop of olive oil over this.

    5. Season with a pinch of Guerande salt and pepper.