Views in France on the "Burqa Ban"

One year ago, France banned Muslim women from wearing full face veils. What has been the impact since?


  1. Will the Toulouse shootings help or hurt Sarkozy in polls? I think they'll help. At the very least, I agree with Pascal Perrineau, director of the Center for Political Research at the Institute d’Études Politiques, who says to The NYT: " “Toulouse changes, in some measure, the themes of the campaign, moving it from economic issues to terrorism and crime. Security, which was at the margins, becomes more important, and the candidate finds himself president again, at the heart of the system.”
  2. Cracking down on terrorism of freedom of expression?
  3. "If we want to avoid a repetition of the terrible tragedy of Toulouse, we must be intransigent," an op-ed in the centre-right paper, Le Figaro, reads. "That is what Nicolas Sarkozy and Claude Gueant are, despite the accusations of 'stigmatisation' that have been levelled at them by the left for years as soon as they talk about immigration, integration or citizenship," it adds. The left, by contrast, is guilty of a "denial of reality".
  4. Interior Minister Claude Gueant explains how police raided house of the shooter -- and what led to him jumping to his death.
  5. The ban is on its way to the Netherlands...
  6. After two shootings in ten days, Sarkozy addresses nation:
  7. VIolence targeting young Jewish children followed just a few days after three soldiers of North African origin were targeted and killed. Random violence or attacks on immigrants in France? 
  8. Women protest the ban by parading the streets in face veils and miniskirts. They call themselves, "NiqaBitch" and I'll be interviewing them in a week:
  9. The French versus halal meat debate is back in play ... something I find very hard to wrap my head around from the US.
  10. Hollande pledges to rebuild in French ghettos, where many Arab and Muslim immigrants live:
  11. Good break down of the two candidates by the AP. "Nicolas Sarkozy wants to make it a leaner, more competitive economy and keep a lid on immigration. Francois Hollande wants to tax the rich more, protect workers and make the country a kinder place — and become the first leftist to win the presidency in a generation."
  12. "Sarkozy’s 30-minute speech in the town of Meaux, east of Paris, today was dominated by social issues, never touching on the economy or foreign policy, and stressed the value of work and personal responsibility" -- Businessweek (article below)