The Sidra Project: September Recap


  1. In partnership with the United Nations, Artscape launched The Sidra Project during the Toronto International Film Festival.
  2. Coverage of the launch included news stories by CBC News Toronto, CBC Radio-Canada, Globe and Mail, AdWeek, Breakfast Television Toronto, Metro, Inside Toronto, brandchannel, The Verge, and Filmmaker Magazine.
  3. The Sidra Project is a unique collaboration designed to sustain interest and support of refugees to ensure their successful resettlement in Canada.

  4. Participants view the short film Clouds Over Sidra using Samsung Gear VR. Clouds Over Sidra, by United Nations Creative Director Gabo Arora, tells the story of life inside a refugee camp in Jordan through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl named Sidra, placing viewers within the centre of the camp through a 360-degree experience. "It really hacks your senses," Arora said about the VR documentary in the CBC News Toronto article. "Youre like, 'Oh, I've been totally transported somewhere else, I feel a connection with people that I wouldn't feel.'"
  5. Former project director, Nadeen El-Kassem, explains in the Metro article (below) that "the film tries to show the struggles don't end when refugees find a new home. Navigating a new society, overcoming language barriers, finding jobs and dealing with traumatic memories can be difficult." With the film, The Sidra Project aims to re-engage Canadians in dialogue about the refugee crisis and encourage concrete action to help with resettlement efforts.
  6. For the next three months, The Sidra Project will host more than 500 screenings in public venues, boardrooms, classrooms and private residences. You can catch a screening this weekend on Saturday, October 1, at Artscape Wychwood Barns from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and at Artscape Youngplace during Nuit Blanche. Visit for more information and the screening schedule.