Obama's IRS Attack of Cancer Victim Bill Elliott & Patriot, C. Steven Tucker

You think you can spend Thanksgiving weekend catching up on a few things in peace? Not when you're keeping an eye on Obamunism and its neo-fascist IRS. So now they're directly attacking a cancer victim they've already further victimized - and the healthcare insurance analyst that helped him.


  1. C. Steven Tucker, healthcare patriot and new Gulag Bound contributor, posted this in Facebook on Thanksgiving Day (emphasis mine):

    Remember my friend Bill Elliott who appeared on The Kelly File who had his health insurance policy restored after it was cancelled because of Obamacare? Well, the GREAT news is he is now in FULL remission from cancer! The bad news? The IRS is now AUDITING him. Listen to his follow up interview with Sara Marie Brenner today. Bill comes in at the 22:00 minute mark on the sound cloud file.
  2. And then Steven commented:
  3. First it was Joe the Plumber who dared to question the LAWLESS Barack Obama REGIME and he was then promptly AUDITED by the IRS. Then it was Dr. Ben Carson who spoke the TRUTH at a Prayer breakfast and then HE was AUDITED. Now my friend Bill Elliott who appeared on The Kelly File to tell his story about how his policy was cancelled in the middle of his 4th battle with Cancer BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE is ALSO being audited.

    The story doesn't end there. I was able to help Bill get his policy restored using 'preexisting' federal law. He is now in full remission in part because he was able to continue to get the life saving treatment he needed. That got media coverage and NOW the IRS is coming after ME all the way back to the year 2003! WHEN will it END? Listen to Bill's interview with RadioFree Rocky D today on South Carolina's WQSC 1340.  http://www.sbisvcs.com/Bill%20Elliott%20112713%20Rocky ...
  4. The news started getting bounced around. BigFurHat got word out to many more patriot journalists that Elliott and Tucker both got hit with IRS audits. What a two-lightning-strikes-in-a-bottle coincidence, eh?
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  10. And eventually, we even found out here on the run from the Gulag! We'll be getting out some more feedback from Citizen Tucker, we hope, very soon.

    Meanwhile, here are other very significant, related items in the (real) news.
  11. Trying to keep (patriot) non-profit organizations from speaking out against Obamunism? Yes, welcome to life in Antiamerica EO 2013.

    Meanwhile, speaking of the need for health care, the Obama administration continues to display acute dementia when interviewed by Congress. "'In your testimony, you stated ‘I don’t recall’ a staggering 80 times in full or partial response to the Committee’s questions,' committee chairman Darrell Issa and Ohio representative Jim Jordan wrote."
  12. And do you think over 5,000,000 people's health insurance policies being cancelled is bad? Try close to 80,000,000. Is that bad enough?

    Lenin, Stalin, and Mao starved out their tens of millions of self-reliant family farmers who were just working hard, head down, trying to make a living and succeeding. And Obama will go down in history it seems, as America's (putative) president who will have starved a similar number of our vestiges of health care independence.
  13. And aside from "Death Panel" rationing for those in need...