Oscar teaches ArchiMate

Oscar, our rather old and lazy cat has grown jealous of the GitHub Octocat and informs me that he, too, wishes to be famous...

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  1. Oscar, our rather old and lazy cat has grown jealous of the GitHub Octocat and informs me that he, too, wishes to be famous. I chose him as the subject for an exercise in ArchiMate modelling. Forget about learning how to model Insurance companies or complicated business processes. Learn ArchiMate by modelling the requirements of Oscar the ArchiCat...
  2. It started with a Twitter exchange between Mastering ArchimateJ-B Sarrodie, and myself, Archi, speculating on how one might model time travel, worm-holes and Quantum Entanglement using ArchiMate concepts. This then led to J-B widening the scope of the game...
  3. I chose a subject close to home, Oscar our cat. At first I selected the obvious Business Actor concept, but this turned out to be unsuitable as this concept is described as "Active Structural". Oscar is hardly active, so instead I chose something from ArchiMate's Motivation extension, the Stakeholder, suitably modified...
  4. J-B responded with the suggestion of an additional concept inspired by Oscar's name.
  5. We also considered other ArchiMate concepts that might best model his unsocial behaviour...
  6. At this point I realised I needed the assistance of an ArchiMate modelling tool. Firing up the latest version of Archi, and relying on its "Hints" window to guide me in choosing the appropriate concepts, I attempted a first draft of a simple model:
  7. To which J-B responded with an important refinement:
  8. Which I then added to my model, bringing in some important Actors:
  9. At this point it turned out that the Twitter exchange was being monitored by none other than "Mister ArchiMate" himself, Marc Lankhorst, the key designer of ArchiMate. Marc asked a vital question, pinpointing a major flaw in the design of the model:
  10. Meanwhile, J-B had improved the model by separating the key Actors and recombining their duties into the "Business Collaboration" concept assigned to the interaction of "Feeding". J-B had picked up on Marc's analysis and added the most important object, "Food". It was clear to me now that we were engaged in an important on-line collaborative modelling assignment:
  11. Marc made an astute comment, to which Oscar most certainly would agree:
  12. But unfortunately Marc had come just a little late to the party with the old "steakholder" joke...
  13. Nevertheless, "Mister ArchiMate" made a very valid point: