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  1. Dragon Mania Legends is an app for Android, iPhone and iPad, which can be downloaded for free. Financed the game through in-app purchases, but they are optional and only speed up the game considerably.

    The game: This is a classic dragon breeding game. In Dragon Mania Legends you have so eggs hatch, hang different elements cross each other and draw with them in battle. Here you are fighting at the beginning to set dragons, only with the right strategy and victory is certain. From time to time, of course, is one of luck.

    Persuasion may Dragon Mania Legends by its graphical implementation. In addition, the fights are not as boring as in other games, since you here always has to tap at the right time to create a perfect attack. Furthermore, one must always use the right attacks and skills and train the dragon, so that they become stronger.

    At the start, however, there was frequently in Dragon Mania Legends disconnections and despite Internet connection the game had to be recharged. On the whole, however, Dragon Mania Legends offers long lasting fun, which is enhanced by regular events. Tasks ensure that you always know what to do next.

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    The "Dragon Mania Legends" app is available as a free version for Android, iPad, iPhone in the corresponding Market (Google Play for Android, Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone and the iTunes App Store for iOS) to download. We want to show you, of course, below, where you can download Dragon Mania Legends you buy or hold her.

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    In Dragon Mania Legends is a game app, which has been published by Gameloft. Below we have linked articles App with more information.

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    For app Dragon Mania Legends: Another dragon breeding game for Android, iPhone and iPad, we have not yet written any news. Once we have products, we will introduce you to this course here.

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    Mostly it is in Dragon Mania Legends: progress Another dragon breeding game for Android, iPhone and iPad quite complicated quickly or there is problem in understanding the app. So you do not have to give up, we have summarized many tips and tricks, but also a word about cheats for you.