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  1. Unlike conventional worries, mobile phone thievery is somehow the most alarming concern for a smartphone user as they find their smartphones along with some crucial data files exposed to potential theft. Manufacturers try to overcome the problem by introducing anti-theft features every so often, yet they have not completely succeeded in their efforts.
  2. When it comes to the anti-theft security for Apple products, the manufacturer has been very serious about the security feature. The first security feature for Apple smartphones is “remote kill switch” that was designed to lock, disable, and erase important files from the device, if it is stolen.
  3. It appears to be a good security feature as it helps the users to turn everything inactive on their Apple device. Seeing the effectiveness of this feature, California made the security feature mandatory for all Apple devices.
  4. However, it couldn’t help to discourage the criminals from stealing smartphones. The criminals would easy execute factory reset and erase everything from the device. Apart the IMEI blacklisting, factory reset feature cleans the device and makes it a usable phone.
  5. It took really a long time to put a perfect anti-theft solution in place so as to stop the crime. Combining remote kill switch and factory reset protection features,the latest anti-theft protection feature ensures that your smartphone turns useless completely if the thief tries to erase contents and executes factory reset.If there is an unauthorized access to the iPhone, factory reset feature stops working and pops up a message asking them to provide user’s credentials.
  6. If you look for more details, visit Apple technical support page to understand and bypass Apple reset protection feature. Though the process doesn’t require you to be technically skilled, yet it is necessary for you to be aware of the feature and understand how it works.
  7. Similar to other security features, the rest protection feature is also exposed to some common technical issues that may take place while trying to enable the protection feature.
  8. If you need Apple support phone number dial here for Apple reset protection and get a perfect solution at affordable cost to overcome any types of hurdles. There are some independent Apple tech support service providers that bring in a reliable solution in a real time.
  9. So, select a particular tech support technician who can fix the problem you are going through – but only after you make sure the technician owns an extended expertise and experience.