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  1. Before going to install Windows on a Mac computer, almost all the users try to look for an answer for the most common question – “Can installing Windows on the Mac cause problems with Mac operating system?”And it always comes out with a simple answer – “Absolutely No.” Yes, with the help of Apple’s Boot Camp software,it is now smooth and error-free to install Windows operating system on Mac computer.
  2. Though the process to install Windows on Mac OS through Boot Camp doesn’t require you to be technically sound, yet you should be aware of some technical problems that can happen to your computer system at any point in time. For a smooth and more secure Windows installation process, you would better go for Boot Camp help for installing Windows offered by an experienced technical support company.
  3. Before you start the process, check if you meet the system requirements and other essential things. You need to have the following things:
  4. · An Intel-based Mac system
    · A Microsoft Windows installation media or disk image (ISO) having a 64-bit edition of Windows 8 or newer
    · Accessories in good conditions like Apple keyboard, mouse or track pad
    · Start updrive should have minimum 55 GB free space
    · It is also necessary to keep a spare blank 16 GB or larger USB flash drive
  5. Once you verified the system requirements, you should start the process step by step.
  6. Create a Windows disk image:

    If you have a Windows copy on DVD, you need to create an ISO image of the operating system,as Apple’s Boot Camp works well with ISO images. On the other hand, if you have the operating system on a USB flash drive, you have to download the ISO image from Microsoft.
  7. Start Boot Camp Assistant:

    Boot Camp Assistant takes you through an accurate procedure to take Windows on your Mac computer.
  8. Go to the Utilities folder and launch the assistant to start the process. You will get a window displaying a set of instructions, helping you to execute automatic repartition of the startup disk. Later you can download related driver software suites and install them through the same assistant.
  9. Format the Windows partition:

    Once you accomplish the process successfully, the Mac will automatically restart to the Windows Installer. Afterward, you have to highlight the BOOT CAMP partition, and then press Format.
  10. Apart from the Boot Camp software, you have some other options as well. Windows installation help on Mac using Parallels has made it possible for the users to install Mac on Windows operating system with no technical problem.
  11. Now Install Windows OS:

    You have now accomplished most of the complicated steps. After formatting Windows partition,you will get on-screen instructions to install the operating system. Follow the instructions as required.
  12. It’s all over now. You can now use both operating systems with their advanced features and applications on a single platform. Restart your computer system and use it as per your requirements.