Open Innovation: accelerate internal innovation using external services for finding solutions


  1. Who we are

  2. The Cantele family owns 50 hectares planted to vine in Lecce area (Puglia) and the family’s current winemaker Gianni (one of Augusto’s sons) and agronomist Cataldo Ferrari manage another 150 hectares owned by other growers. Augusto’s other son Paolo is the winery’s brand manager and Domenico’s son Umberto is head of sales. Domenico’s daughter Luisa also works in the estate’s corporate offices together with Gianni’s wife Gabriella. The business remains to this day a true “family affair.
    The Cantele winery produces and sells in every part of world million bottles annually, including indigenous varieties of Apulian grapes like Primitivo and Negroamaro as well as international varieties.
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  4. Our project idea

  5. With the reference to this project Cantele carry out needs analysis and the required innovation that they will be implemented by the Open Innovation (O.I) , means that multiple parties combine their expertise and resources to
    execute an innovation project useful for the company, with advantages as risk sharing opportunity and external expert not conditioned by the company culture and habits.
    The objectives’ of the project are:
    1. Launching of innovation needs at Universe of the Italian Farm Machinery Manufacturers Association
    2. Defining the challenge and launching to O.I. Platform the innovation required
    3. Returning winner proposal to be implemented
  6. Open Innovation is research and development that comes about byconnecting outside of own company, beyond own traditional avenues ofinspiration, information, innovation, and intellectual property.
    It is when an individual, a company, an organization, a government opensup to the fact that their are millions of great minds, valuable solutions, andrecent breakthroughs available to be found and capitalized that are outside of owncompany's domain.
  7. Main results

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  9. The challenges of Open Innovation are threatening to some, inspiring toothers. Open Innovation is acknowledging, though you may have been the leaderin your field, bigger and better ideas are bubbling up elsewhere in our 7billion person world.

    The models of Open Innovation, involves has beencrowdsourcing, and with model are found more than 20 proposal solution atCantele needs.
    Was nominated a commission to evaluate the best solution proposed fromthe idea competition tender posted on IDEACONNECTION platform.

    Open Innovation is open mind. Taking internalR&D challenges outside the company to have individuals, crowds, companiessolve and then transfer the intellectual property to the company.
  10. Mainbeneficiaries and needs addressed

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  12. Dissemination and study visit