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#cpd23 Twitter tips

Lots of CPD23 participants are joining Twitter or taking another look at it this week as part of Thing 4: Current Awareness. I've gathered together the Twitter tips that were shared on the #cpd23 hashtag this week.


  1. Lots of great advice on following people, getting followers, joining in etc.
  2. (By the way MT means modified tweet. It's good practice to use this instead of the usual RT (retweet) if you change anything in the tweet - for example adding a hashtag or shortening the tweet. See below for more Twitter acronyms!)
  3. There are several solutions for linking your blog to your Twitter account (so that new blog posts are automatically tweeted)
  4. To lock or not to lock?
  5. Because of the 140 character limit, acronyms abound on Twitter:
  6. Tweets that start with an @ are only seen by you, the person you mention, and people who follow both of you. If you want others to see the tweet, make sure you put something before the @ (a . is the most unobtrusive but it can be anything).