Visioning a positive future

Inspired by the growing Positive Psychology movement

  1. Designing Pictability involved looking at planning through a different lens: that of how positive psychology views the impact of 'prospection' or imagining the future. For too long, families of children with additional needs have been fitted into a medical model where planning is about "fixing what is broken" - whereas strengths-based approaches plan the future based on expanding existing strengths.
  2. In the above video, Dr. Martin Seligman explains how past psychology theories have mostly relied on the past to understand human nature... but how do we reconcile that planning is about the future and about a positive change? Strength-based theories give us these tools. In the next video clip, Dr. Seligman explains the core principles of the Flourish theory he has developed that has inspired Now and Next design. Dr. Seligman is Thinker in Residence in Adelaide - reflecting South Australia's commitment as a government to lead in ways that will grow flourishing.
  3. For those who like more detail, the below is a longer presentation by Dr. Seligman about the PERMA theory of human flourishing and wellbeing.
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