Studying Systemic Efforts to Improve Outcomes for Black and Latino Males

An AERA Research Convening of Seven Districts


  1. September 18-19, 2017
  2. Conveners
    Rosann Tung and Adriana Villavicencio
  3. Additional Scholars
    Tyrone Howard • David Kirkland • Kara Finnigan • James Earl Davis
  4. Participating Districts
    Austin, TX • Boston, MA • Chicago, IL • Guilford, NC • Minneapolis, MN • New York City, NY • Oakland, CA


  6. Researchers and practitioners from seven districts focused on transforming biased systems for Black and Latino males convened at a lively, warm, provocative AERA-sponsored two-day conference to share their stories, hear the wisdom and questions of renowned scholars, and make new connections. Each session emphasized the urgency of naming racist and patriarchal practices, creating culturally responsive environments specifically to nurture masculine identities, and fostering strong relationships among students and adults. Only by “changing the narratives that sustain injustice” (Bryan Stevenson) can we dramatically improve opportunities and outcomes for Black and Latino males.
  7. Adriana Villavicencio, Research Alliance for New York City Schools and Rosann Tung, NYU Metro Center

  9. Three dynamic and wise young men reflected on their experiences in New York City public schools, dispensed advice to other young men of color and to educators, and emphasized the importance of having men of color as teachers and of safe spaces.
  10. Paul Forbes, NYC DOE, Moderator; Francois Acosta, Syracuse University '17; Leon Isaacs, The School of Human Rights; Angel Diaz, Guttman Community College