Blogging in South Caucasus

Young bloggers from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan prepare for social impact writing.


  1. We love to tell you a wonderful story - a story from our one week workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia. A story full of passion and emotions shared by a group of young bloggers from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  2. But stop... how did we all meet and what made us stick together for a common goal?...
  3. First of all we've been invited by DVV International with funding from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mainly to discuss topics related to our lives in South Caucasus and to expand our blogging activities.
  4. Of course, in the beginning we've been quite tensioned but soon after the first hours shared with Iluta Krūmiņa, our beloved queen of teambuilding, we felt our connection!

  5. And here is what we've learned to strengthen our personality:
  6. - Not to virtue stereotypes. Not to let the stereotypes convert into prejudice. (Не быть жертвами стереотипов. Не позволять стереотипам превращаться в предрассудки)

  7. - Everyone is good (Каждый хороший)

  8. - Everyone is responsible for him/herself (Каждый отвечает за себя)

  9. - Everyone has 2 poles (У каждого есть оба полюса)

  10. - Everyone has his/her own borders and we are not allowed to infringe those borders (У каждого есть предел, поэтому нельзя переходить грань дозволенного)
  11. YES, we are South Caucasus. We are the young, the ones to make a difference!
  12. "Be the change you want to see in the world!" This quote is from Mahatma Gandhi. And we are ready to live by this standard.

  13. What did we experience?
  14. First, there was a warm welcome by the German Embassy and morning speakers with inspiring talks every day. The speakers came from our three countries and we enjoyed listening to their stories.
  15. Mr. Fronzek from the Embassy admitted not to have seen a project like this in the two years he spent in Tbilisi. And he encouraged us to shape the future of our region.

  16. Some quotes of our morning speakers we liked the most are:
  17. "For any idea, and even more for any action, you need to attract someone elses heart. Offer something to your readers which activates them personally."