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Social media users provide thoughts, reactions and support towards initiatives promoting mental health among student-athletes.


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  2. We can't wait for coaches or ATs to notice that athletes are struggling! Student-athletes are suffering in silence and they don't want their coaches and teammates to know about it. They need readily accessible providers on campus and they need norms that make is perfectly fine and "normal" for them to walk into the sports psych or nutritionist's office to seek support without being stigmatized as "a problem" that raises red flags, jeopardizes their status on the team or playing time, or worse, jeopardizes their scholarship status. Eating disorders are real problems with real health consequences. And they are contagious in college athletics. They stem from stress, anxiety and pressures to be perfect, elite, and thin. Dieting is a major risk factor. And eating disorders are maladaptive coping mechanisms that athletes use to try to take control when their stressful lives at student-athletes feel out of control. It is time to act on this and not only put support services in place, but break down the barriers to ensure that the services are USED and are sufficient to meet the needs, ie. multidisciplinary expertise that is not capitated by rules, regulations and red tape. Spend some of the money from ticket sales and corporate sponsorships to hire sports psych and nutrition professionals to care for college athletes. PLEASE!
  3. The NCAA doesn't care about mental health issues of it's student athletes because caring for student athletes doesn't make the NCAA money; which is its only reason for existing.
  4. Interesting article but they didn't even touch on the verbal/emotional abuse so many college athletes endure just from their coaches. We try to raise our children up to be confident successful young people and to hear how some of these coaches degrade and belittle them is disgusting. Coaches and staff need to be held accountable for their part in tearing down these athletes self worth.

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