Getting Creative at #SEMOcreate

Storify story about the Creativity Crawl held April 5th during the Creativity Festival in Cape Girardeau, Missouri


  1. Cape Girardeau experienced a creative overload during the Creativity Festival held April 4-6 2013! The Creativity Crawl held on April 5th got participants very excited and creative, tweeting their photos throughout the night. On Friday evening teams got together at the West Bank Bistro to receive their Clue Cards and went on to discover how Creative Cape Girardeau can be. It was hard to leave for some teams since the food provided was delicious!! Thanks West Bank Bistro!!
  2. We even had a shuttle service!!
  3. Teams showing some their creative side to portray clue number 3: Bridge
  4. Clue 4: Neon sign. Getting close to some Neon signs! 
  5. Working out and showcasing Cape? It is all possible!!
  6. Clue 10: A Riverboat or Pilot's Wheel? Let's hope she didn't get stuck!
  7. Love it when teams play nice and get together!
  8. Clue 11: Favorite place to eat downtown! Some of the shots taken, could probably used as promotion material like the one below!
  9. Clue 12: Redhawk. Of course no SEMO Event could be complete without showing some Redhawk Spirit!
  10. Clue 14: Something Historic! Again shows some of Cape's pretty sights.
  11. Clue 15: Mural. The Murals were a big hit, and definitely got people excited to show off!!