1. @pinthecreep A1. #sexism #harassment #VAW Apparently a compliment. Scratch a little to observe the stereotype the comment contains.
  2. @pinthecreep A1. (1) Benevolent #sexism is misguided yet well meaning concern for the capabilities of people of every gender but the male.
  3. @pinthecreep A1. (2) Though I think that it could be a disguise for propaganda too. #vaw #everydaysexism #gender
  4. @pinthecreep A2 Something that is made to seem good but in reality is a downright sexist remark. #everydaysexism
  5. @pinthecreep Hi this is Elsa joining in from Mumbai. Very interesting topic #BenevolentSexism. Thanks @monkprayogshala for hosting this chat.
  6. @pinthecreep A1 first thing that comes to mind is "mansplaining" #benevolentsexism. @Lats_tweets do you have any thoughts?
  7. @pinthecreep A1. Giving women opportunities coz of benefit of the doubt instead of based on merit? #sexism
  8. @pinthecreep A1. Think it means deliberately telling a woman how good she is so that the gender difference becomes more defined
  9. @pinthecreep A1 benevolent sexism compliments women based on stereotypes. It can be racist as well #sexism #VAW
  10. @pinthecreep @ShubhanganiJain A1 True and it confuses people as one does not know if it is real, true or not! #benevolentsexism
  11. @pinthecreep @dimpey_tehlan Thanks for the explanation. I had really never heard of it before. Wish didn't have 2update my vocabulary with such words. #benevolentsexism
  12. @pinthecreep A2. (1) I do think that it occurs more often in hyper patriarchal societies such as ours but also do think that it's general
  13. @pinthecreep A2. (2) and widespread over the world. I find myself talking about gender on an everyday basis
  14. @pinthecreep A2. (3) with my friends of other genders because we find there to be so many ingrained presumption in our conversations. #everydaysexism
  15. @pinthecreep A2 Haven't seen stats but assuming it wud be higher in those cultures that have high tendency of patriarchy. Tell me more #benevolentsexism
  16. @pinthecreep A2 Yea, in some cultures they think they are protecting women but in reality, it's just opposite #everydaysexism #VAW #POSH #gender
  17. @pinthecreep I think benevolent sexism occurs in almost all cultures &contexts. Only difference maybe that some cases are hard to detect. #everydaysexism
  18. @pinthecreep A2 It happens more in patriarchy. We can see its example very often esp when women take leadership roles #sexism #VAW
  19. @pinthecreep A1. Many people try to perform this jus to get attention or to get fame among women and other feminist people.. #sexism #harassment #VAW
  20. @pinthecreep I assume it occurs more in patriarchal societies. And in all cultures.
  21. @pinthecreep A3. In metro, girls will ask for your seat even if that seat is not reserved for her. And people will scold you if you will not do so. #POSH
  22. @pinthecreep A3 Images of women r so eroticised that we find more female nudes than male nudes bcz women are said to be aesthetically pleasing #sexism
  23. @DevinaB21 @pinthecreep Whenever got that comment always returned it back..!all must do that..
  24. @pinthecreep A:2..Seen it predominant in patriarchal societies..where men cant just accept a women progressing #everydaysexism
  25. @pinthecreep True never let it ruffle feathers..its the way women still carry themselves that unnerves the man!
  26. @pinthecreep A3.I've faced #benevolentsexism in #fitness. Your workouts aren't though.They're girly.Girls can't be strong.I can do more pushups than you.
  27. @elsamariedsilva @pinthecreep A2 Since when has any sexism been benevolent? Genuine, serious Qn, since eg patriarchy is about keeping all power / resources for some men
  28. @pinthecreep Yes. I face it almost everyday. Have been given a hard time because I can't cook like other women. #everydaysexiam
  29. @pinthecreep A4 getting more administrative work than a male colleague bcz women are supposed to be 'more organised' #sexism #VAW
  30. @pinthecreep What is annoying is when women take such remarks coyly with a smile & do not rebut
  31. @pinthecreep A3 When someone says women got job because of her appearance is benevolent sexism #sexism
  32. @pinthecreep True. My ability to differentiate different masalas and dals is more important than achieving my dreams. #everydaysexism
  33. @pinthecreep A3. #sexism #harassment #VAW That "you are better than other girls", "i didn't know you are intelligent when I first saw you".
  34. @pinthecreep Being in Logistics and business ops #everydaysexism often heard physically demanding job is man's job & its assumed men need to give a hand
  35. @pinthecreep All the on field jobs are given to my male colleagues. The reasons I'm given are that it is for my safety & women do office work better.
  36. @pinthecreep A5. #sexism #harassment #VAW A persistent, effective reminder each time one encounters #benevolentsexism , discussing with the person.
  37. @pinthecreep A5 Just pointing out won't be enough. We should revert those sexists on their face #sexism
  38. @pinthecreep A5. Pointing people is not helpful. We must have to make them think in a diff way. By showing what they are doing is wrong. #everydaysexism
  39. @pinthecreep A5 call them out, educate people and in short don't encourage/condone it. #sexism
  40. @EklaChalo_ @pinthecreep Interesting how everyone expects you to cook without any thought whether you like cooking or even want to do it. You have no choice. #Sexism
  41. @EklaChalo_ @pinthecreep Another great example. Or assume certain jobs e.g. a pilot is only for a man.
  42. @pointponder @pinthecreep There is a misconception that it's an Asian mindset but NO its a global phenomenon and how
  43. @pinthecreep Yup true. That is what I concluded. I wonder what can be done to make them unlearn what they have been taught since ages.
  44. @EklaChalo_ @pinthecreep Actually patriarchy is not restricted to men alone. It is the mindset, attitude, behaviour and stereotypes that are perpetuated. #sexism