"Can't Hurry Love" - the LiveTweets

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  1. We don't need to know how perfectly happy they are - because it's boring and we know it already!
  2. Because Heaven forbid our siblings don't share our Exact Values and Goals! Clearly they must all secretly want marriage and babies, too!
  3. This really makes no sense. Laziness or "stubbornness" doesn't even begin to cover it. So they just never dated other people? Or they dated and slept with other people EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE MARRIED? This never was a problem for them? EVER?
  4. "Oh baby, tell me how much better you could run my life!" 
  5. Because you can't come up with a solution to the trilogy-spanning mystery so WHY THE HELL NOT?
  6. This book is filling me with Canadian emotion. Canadians can feel anger, too!
  7. Because only sluts believe they're pretty.
  8. I really wish dudes would call each other out for hitting each other in the face for No Damn Reason.
  9. In the novel, she frequently mentions how "if anyone else had treated her like that" she would have packed her bags. If it's abusive asshole behaviour from a stranger - it's still abusive asshole behaviour from your husband. 
  10. Hitting an innocent woman because you can't control yourself = NOT OKAY. Hitting an innocent man because you can't control yourself = SUPER HEROIC MANTIGER SEXYTIMES. What??